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Tenant information

Tenancy Agreements
Your Form 18a General Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract between yourself as the tenant and the landlord.

It is important that you understand the terms and conditions of this contract. If you have any questions regarding your General Tenancy Agreement please contact your property manager.

Bond, Rent & Keys
Prior to moving in you will be required to pay a bond (four weeks rent) plus two weeks rent in advance.

Bond transfers are NOT accepted. No personal cheques will be accepted. No cash is accepted at the premises.
Upon acceptance of your rental application your property manager will notify you on payment methods to pay your Bond and Rent.

Keys to the property will not be handed over until all monies are paid in full, the lease signed by all parties and the lease start date has commenced.

Rent Arrears
At One Agency Hervey Bay we have a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to rental arrears.

This means that regardless of the circumstances that have attributed to the late payment of your rent that the legislative process will be followed.

We understand that unexpected circumstances can arise during your tenancy and it is important that you make contact with your property manager to discuss the situation. Without communication, your property manager will assume the worst and won’t be able to mediate between yourself and the landlord.

Entry Condition Report
Please return the entry condition report to us within 3 days of the commencement of your lease – it forms part of your lease agreement, it is a breach of lease if it is not returned. If the entry condition report is not returned then the agencies copy will be accepted as the true and valid copy.
Routine Inspections
Your initial inspection is generally carried out within the first 6-8 weeks of your tenancy commencing and every three (3) months after. You will be advised in writing (RTA Form 9- Notice of Entry) via email of these inspections with a minimum notice of seven (7) days prior to the inspection. You are not required to be present for the inspection although we do welcome your involvement if you prefer to be home. We do request if you are unable to be present at the inspection for the property managers safety that your pets are restrained during this period.

We have a set of keys for your property and in the event that you are not able to be home, we will use these keys to gain entry. We will leave a business card in a prominent place to let you know that we have conducted our inspection.

This inspection allows you the opportunity to point out any maintenance problems or other concerns you may have. The owner of the property will receive a written report of the overall condition of the property. We also use these reports when giving rental references.

Only the people originally included on the application and approved by the owner are allowed to reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant, our office must be informed in order to approve the new application and complete RTA paperwork. No one is allowed to move in without prior approval.
Breaking Your Lease
If you break your Tenancy Agreement, under the current legislation, you will be responsible for the rent until the end of your lease or until a new tenant is found and a new lease signed. Costs for advertising of the property plus the re-let fee and any maintenance of the property (if applicable) will be charged to you. Please notify us as soon as possible if you intend to break your lease.
Repairs And Maintenance

Routine & Emergency Repairs Procedure:

Section 214 of the Residential Tenancies & Rooming Act states what is classified as an emergency repair. All other maintenance issues are classified as an emergency repair. All other maintenance issues are classified as a routine repair.

For Routine Repairs:

For best practice our agency policy is that all repairs must be submitted to our agency in writing. Maintenance can be submitted via an email to your property manager or via a maintenance request form located in our office. NO maintenance request will be taken over the phone. We request that as much information is provided as possible. e.g location of fault, if appliance- brand, model number etc. This is so our agency can allocate the correct trades person to attend to the repairs.

For Emergency Repairs:

In the event of an emergency please phone through to our office and report the emergency. If the repairs meet the criteria as per legislation, then our office will contact a tradesperson to attend a.s.a.p. Our agency will request that you follow this request in writing for our records.

After Hours Emergency Repairs:

Unfortunately one of our staff members can’t be available 24/7. In the event of an after hour emergency we request that you contact a tradesperson to attend to the situation immediately. Please see Important Numbers for a list of emergency and recommended trade contacts. If an after hours emergency does occur please submit to our office in writing what has occurred and who you have employed to carry out the repairs. If it is not emergency, you MAY be responsible for the account.

Storm Damage:

Please contact the SES for Emergency Assistance.

Handy Hints & Tips for Maintenance to Follow before contacting our office or calling out an emergency repair.


Locate your water meter. In the event of a burst pipe please turn the water off to stop water from causing any further damage. If the burst pipe is located between the water meter and the road this may indicate that WIDE BAY water is responsible for the repair. Please contact Wide Bay Water for further advice.
Blocked pipes or toilets. Blockages on most occasions can be dislodged with a rubber plunger or by pouring drain cleaner down the drains.
Low or no water pressure. Please contact Wide Bay water to confirm that no works are being carried out out the water ways.

Hot water System:

If your hot water supply is not hot or does not seem to last as long your hot water system may need topping up. To do this you release the pressure valve on the side of the system and you will hear running water. This is filling up the heating mechanism inside the tank. One it is full it will run out of the overflow pipe. Instructions for this is usually located on the side of the tank.
If a lack of hot water continues please check if the power switch has been turned on, check if the power box has tripped or blown a fuse. Monitor your shower routine-over the holiday periods or during winter can add extra pressure on your hot water supply.
If your hot water is still an issue and your tank is in good condition you will need to call out an electrician NOT a plumber.
For Solar please ensure that the booster has been switched on.
For Gas please ensure gas bottles are full.


Check if your neighbours have also lost their power. If yes please contact ERGON ENERGY.
Check the safety switch to see if it has tripped. If so, reset the switch. If it trips again unplug all appliances from power points. Reset safety switch. Plug in appliances one at time until faulty appliance has been located.
If this does not rectify the problem an electrician will need to be called.

Note: Tenants will be required to pay for call outs where a faulty appliance belonging to them has caused a problem or a call out has been made for a repair that is NOT an emergency. Our agency does NOT consider faulty tv reception to be an emergency repair.

Definition of an Emergency Repair:

Section 214 Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act. Meaning of Emergency Repairs.

Emergency repairs are works needed to repair any of the following-

(a) a burst water service or a serious water service leak

(b) a blocked or broken lavatory system

(c) a serious roof leak

(d) a gas leak

(e) a dangerous electrical fault

(f) flooding or serious flood damage

(g) serious storm, fire or impact damage

(h) a failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

(i) a failure or breakdown of an essential service service or appliance on premises for hot water, cooking or heating

(j) a fault or damage that makes a premises unsafe or insecure

(k) a fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a tenant of the premises

(l) a serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common areas of premises that unduly inconveniences a tenant in gaining access to, or using the premises.

Contents Insurance
Please be aware that the Lessor’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings and it is in your interest to obtain contents insurance in case of theft or damage. Regardless of the cause, a Lessor’s insurance cannot cover your personal property.
Utility Connection
For your convenience our agency has partnered with Connect Now. Connect Now is a free utilities connection and move home service that provides an extensive range of services when moving to your new home. They can assist with connections, disconnections or relocating your current services in just one call.

Our Agency will provide a form at the signing of your tenancy agreement if you would like to utilise this service.

Water Charges
If applicable in your Tenancy Agreement, you will be responsible for payment of water usage at the property so please report water leaks immediately.
If you have been given approval to have pets at the property it is important that you keep the pets outside. Pets are only allowed at the discretion of the Lessor. Please DO NOT attempt to conceal an animal on the premises, it could lead to the termination of your tenancy.

Unless a pet is specifically approved on your lease, pets will not be allowed without prior approval. Note that in unit complexes, the Body Corporate By-Laws do not allow pets in most cases.

Should you lose your keys or lock yourself out you will be required to contact a locksmith, at your own expense. All keys signed for on commencement of the tenancy must be returned on vacating. If lock changing is necessary, the cost will be charged to the tenant/s. You are reminded that the conditions of the lease prohibit changing locks without written consent from our office. While consent in most cases will be granted, we do require copies of the keys for our office.

When vacating, rent will be charged up until the keys are returned to the office.

End Your Tenancy Agreement
The required time periods for ending a tenancy whether at the end of a fixed term (lease) or during a periodic (ongoing) tenancy is 2 weeks. Please note, you are always required to put your intention to vacate in writing. This is best done on the approved RTA Form 13 (Notice of Intention to Leave). On this notice you are required to state the date you will be leaving the property. Upon receipt of this you will be notified by our office of your specific obligations when you leave. Please make sure you check these before you make any arrangements for cleaning, pest control or maintenance to the property.
Important Numbers
Emergency – 000

Police Non- Urgent – 131 444

Hervey Bay Police Station – 07 4123 8111

Ambulance non-urgent – 131 233

Fire non-urgent – 07 4125 2133

Hervey Bay Hospital – 07 4120 6666

Ergon – 131 046

Wide Bay Water- 1300 79 49 29

Optus – 133 345

Telstra – 13 22 00

SES – 132 500

Jet N Drain – 0400 300 800

Fraser Coast Electrical – 0401 739 553

We want you to know that we appreciate your business. We trust that you have taken the time to read the above information and that you will carry out your obligations as required and respect our position as managing agents. We certainly respect your position as tenants and will do our utmost to ensure that your time in the property is enjoyable.
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