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Not quite ready for a forever home, but needing a place to stay? Let Dan and the team find you the perfect for now home (rental).

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Houses for rent in Hervey Bay, Maryborough and beyond…

Not quite ready for a forever home, but needing a place to stay? Let Dan and the team find you the perfect for now home. We find the best properties to lease and the best tenants to fill them. We approach finding your next home with enthusiasm, and each new home with reverence. We know this isn’t as simple as a ‘transaction’, and take that into account when helping everyone involved.

House to rent Hervey bay

As a tenant…

Seen something you like in our listings? Fabulous! We can’t wait to get started and set you up for success in your new home. We only service the top apartments and houses for rent in Hervey Bay, so you can be sure you’re going to be comfortable for as long as you need to be. (And when you’re ready to make the leap to your forever home, you know where to find us!)

As an owner…

Our tenant selection processes are extremely robust so that everybody wins. We find out everything there is to know about potential tenants short of their shoe size. We know how important your investment is to you and we don’t take the responsibility of looking after it lightly. Our aim is to make the entire leasing process as quick and painless as possible using the latest technologies and marketing strategies. We communicate with our owners regularly and conduct 3-monthly inspections to make sure your asset is in top shape.

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Setting the standard In the Hervey Bay market

We offer free appraisals and property investment advice; our years of knowledge in the industry and as locals in the Hervey Bay market, packaged up and presented to you in bite size chunks…an invaluable resource to any investor or seller in the current economy.

To become one of our valued investors or tenants, feel free to make a time with us to discuss your requirements.

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