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We have been delighted to watch the progress and growth of our fine region of Hervey Bay.

Building Hervey Bay’s Businesses

Commercial project management in Hervey Bay just got real

We have been delighted to watch the progress and growth of our fine region. Thanks to savvy investment and forward-thinking developers, commercial projects on the Fraser Coast are stamping our claim as the region to watch going forward. It’s high time, too. Hervey Bay, in particular, has outstripped its reputation as a sleepy seaside fishing village and is fast becoming a hub for tourism, business, medicine and technology. Creating modern, polished, well-managed facilities to house these enterprises just makes sense.

Hervey Bay Commercial Developments

Kristy Wright: ‘Too Melbourne’ is a compliment

If you aren’t from around here, you might be surprised to find that some attitudes locally lean towards halting progress in its tracks – that things are exactly as they need to be. Not us, and thousands of residents just like us. We are honoured to be at least partially responsible for bringing about the type of innovation and growth this great region deserves.

In particular, Kristy’s recent successes with The Avenue have been widely celebrated for not only the prompt delivery of the project, but also the high calibre of professional tenants now occupying the space.

Expect more

Here at One Agency Fraser Coast, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the state’s top developers on projects locally – from breaking ground to managing commercial tenancies. Our local knowledge and connections are particularly useful to out-of-town developers who need local eyes and ears on the ground. We work closely with everyone involved to ensure projects progress smoothly and that any necessary troubleshooting is dealt with quickly to avoid costly delays.

Realising your vision

If you’re like us and can see the enormous commercial potential within and beyond Hervey Bay, maybe it’s time we talked about how Kristy and the One Agency Fraser Coast team can assist you.

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Setting the standard In the Hervey Bay market

We offer free appraisals and property investment advice; our years of knowledge in the industry and as locals in the Hervey Bay market, packaged up and presented to you in bite size chunks…an invaluable resource to any investor or seller in the current economy.

To become one of our valued investors or tenants, feel free to make a time with us to discuss your requirements.

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