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The story of Hervey Bay real estate’s best…

Setting the pace hasn’t always been easy, but the real estate dream is being realised every day for Kristy Wright.

One Agency Fraser Coast’s owner and principal agent, Kristy Wright is at the top of her game – constantly evolving and staying ahead of the curve, blazing the trail for other to follow and setting the standard for Hervey Bay real estate. It’s not always been easy, but it’s always been right (or Wright if you’re in the mood for a pun…).

All roads lead to One Agency Fraser Coast 

Kristy may not have specifically dreamed of being a real estate agent when she grew up. But as far back as primary school, her potential as a leader had been earmarked. As she completed her schooling and set about starting her young family she landed in the high-pressure world of property management thanks to a knock-back from the local supermarket (who knew you could be ‘too old’ for anything at 19?!).

Balancing the conflicting and varied demands of work and family, Kristy navigated her way to the top of her field, at one stage managing more than 300 properties by herself. Eventually, it was time to break out and start working for herself.

    Look out Hervey Bay real estate, here come the Wrights!

    With husband, Dan, winding up his service in the defence force and Kristy ready for a seachange, the decision was made to relocate to Hervey Bay. Kristy made her mark from the minute she set her feet on Fraser Coast soil.

    Recognising the need for a comprehensive property management service, Kristy and Dan established Bayside Boutique Property Management – the very first of its kind for the area.

    Having reached the pinnacle of her property management niche, it was time to branch out to the full Hervey bay real estate experience – enter One Agency…


    The rest, as they say, is history…

    It’s been more than a decade now since Kristy and Dan established themselves as the team to beat in the Hervey Bay real estate game. Going from strength to strength, they apply the lessons learned along the way to
    deliver the best possible experience for their valued clients. Dedicated, passionate and genuine, they’re the sort of people who give it to you straight, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work…

    “Believe it or not, I am actually less interested in real estate and more interested in people. It’s their stories, their hopes and dreams and their journey that drives me more than anything else. Being a part of these big changes in a person’s life is such a privilege. And that’s what makes working in real estate so rewarding”

    ~ Kristy Wright | Principal and owner



    The One Agency Fraser Coast Difference

    We are:

    • Customer-focused: Our highest priority is looking after our customers as if they were family.
    • Experienced: With decades of combined experience, we have refined our approach to real estate down to the finest art.
    • Knowledgable: We know all there is to know about real estate. We go with the best, proven strategies for selling (which vary client to client) and know how to avoid the big dramas.
    • Communicators: We pride ourself on our openness and
      transparency – something you want to know?! Just ask!
    • In it for the long haul: We’ll know we’ve had our greatest success when we have seen generations of happy customers pass through our doors.

    Setting the standard In the Hervey Bay market

    We offer free appraisals and property investment advice; our years of knowledge in the industry and as locals in the Hervey Bay market, packaged up and presented to you in bite size chunks…an invaluable resource to any investor or seller in the current economy.

    To become one of our valued investors or tenants, feel free to make a time with us to discuss your requirements.

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